Wild Alaskan Salmon - Sound Ecological Management

Intensive farming methods exist in the oceans too: As with land animals, we should avoid fish that are the result of intensive farming practices. Instead of looking for organically-certified fish, all of which are farmed, we should look for wild fish that have been harvested in a sustainable manner.

What is organic fish?

When we buy meat, dairy products, eggs and vegetables we look for organic certification. This usually re-assures us that the food has been produced in an ethical way and has high nutritional value. The same principle does not apply to fish, because all organic fish are farmed. Although organic fish are apparently raised in a less intensive environment that non-organic fish, determining the effectiveness of organic fish standards is not straightforward.

Why should I consider buying wild fish?

Wild fish generally has a better flavor and texture than farmed fish and is raised in a more ecologically sound way. It is generally not much more expensive than farmed fish and can be bought in canned form for practicality and economy.

What are the issues with buying wild fish?

We need to be concerned about sustainability. We should therefore learn about the various agencies involved in stewardship of fishing waters around the globe.

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