Omega 3 Supplements and Oils - How Effective are they?

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A Health Shortcut: Because of your lifestyle you have little time to prepare elaborate meals. You want to increase your n-3 consumption and improve your n-3 to n-6 ratio without significantly changing your diet. You can do this by taking high quality n-3 supplements.

Why should I take supplements?

Health supplements are subject to much controversy. They are heavily marketed. Nutrients are best obtained through natural food sources. Does this mean that supplements are a waste of money?

In spite of all the hype, n-3 supplements can offer significant health benefits if you choose high quality products and use them appropriately.

Consider these assertions:

What supplements are available?

The following supplements could effectively boost your n-3 levels:

How effective are supplements compared with natural foods?

Good quality supplements can be as effective as natural food sources in providing n-3 PUFAs. We shall provide a more detailed answer to this question by taking an in-depth look at some key research studies.

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