Vegetarian Omega 3 Foods

Vegetarian omega 3 foods can make a significant contribution to your fatty acid requirement but, with the exception of algae, provide only ALA. To meet your EPA and DHA requirement you will either need to take algae supplements or eat non-vegetarian foods.

Which types of vegetarian food contain omega 3 (n-3)?

Vegetarian food sources of n-3 PUFAs include:

Seeds have the highest n-3 of all vegetarian foods

Of all vegetarian foods, chia, sacha inchi and flax seeds have by far the highest n-3 content.

Chia and sacha inchi have been grown as important foods in South America for several centuries and have been attracting growing interest outside of that continent in recent years.

Vegetables are also a worthwhile source of n-3

Although vegetables contain much lower levels of n-3 than the seeds mentioned above, some are nevertheless good sources of n-3 because:

How can I improve my n-3 to n-6 ratio through vegetarian foods?

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