CHIA by Ricardo Ayerza Jr & Wayne Coates


In CHIA, the authors provide a comprehensive treatment of this re-emerging food, which they approach from a number of different perspectives. Two major threads that run through the book are the history of the food crop in South American agriculture and the importance of omega 3 PUFAs in human health. Artemis Simopoulos (author of The Omega Diet) wrote the forward.

Subject Matter

The book starts with an interesting view of world nutrition and the paradox of hunger and abundance co-existing. A chapter is devoted to the role of omega 3 PUFAs in physiology prior to examining the history of chia and its re-emergence as an important food. It then compares some significant food sources of omega 3 PUFAs in depth before turning to current and future developments in the field of animal food product enrichment.


While the treatment of chia as a food crop is very comprehensive, and is handled from multiple perspectives, there is no information about how the seeds are, or can be, directly incorporated into the human diet. The emphasis from a practical nutritional aspect is on the use of the seeds to enrich various foods.

Data Highlights

Comparative analysis is provided for different species of the plant, highlighting Salvia Hispanica as the most advantageous in terms of its omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Comparisons are also provided for different growing regions within South America. The effect of different enrichment feeds on the fatty acid composition of egg yolks is analyzed.


This book is relevant both for serious students and practitioners within the field of nutrition and for non-professionals who have an interest in learning about this interesting crop and its potential health benefits.


This book is essential reading for anyone who is interested in this highly nutritious food, whether for incorporation into their diet or in connection with their work or academic studies. It is well written and covers a number of interesting and important themes relating to nutrition.

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