Artisan Cheese - The Re-emergence of Small Producers

The grass-fed principle extends to dairy products: Cheese and other dairy products, like milk, benefit from feeding the cows on grass. Artisan cheesemakers usually maintain their own small herds on pasture and take pride in creating high-quality products using traditional methods.

How can cheese contribute to a healthy diet?

In his famous book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston A Price recorded a case study of a community in Switzerland who lived in a remote valley isolated from modern civilization. The children of the village essentially lived on cheese and rye bread, supplemented with a few vegetables and a small quantity of meat once a week only. They personified health and vitality.

Do people care about the type of cheese they buy?

In the United Kingdom the population of artisan cheesemakers has burgeoned as discerning consumers express their desire to buy high-quality cheeses produced from the milk of cows that have enjoyed grazing in pastures. Customers are increasingly prepared to pay a premium for food products that conform to sound agricultural principles and exhibit notable taste and texture.

Where can I buy cheeses made by artisans?

Cheesemakers typically sell their products through their own farm shops, farmers markets and high street outlets. They are increasingly making their cheeses available for purchase over the Internet.

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